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How many bundles of hair do I need? We have heard this question over and over at Amara Sapphire! How many times have you booked your appointment with your hair stylist to get your sew in, quick weave, or custom wig unit and just couldn’t figure out how many bundles you needed to get the overall look you desired? I’m sure more times then you’ll like to admit. No worries, we have too! Amara Sapphire want to make sure you are getting everything you need the first time!

We’ve been in your shoes before and there’s nothing worse than being half way done with your hair and your stylist saying you need more hair. Don’t be that girl whose rushing to the beauty supply store at night trying to find some cheap hair that will blend well with your Amara Sapphire luxurious virgin hair extensions. Let’s face it, the hair at the beauty supply don’t probably won’t and you’ll have to settle for a lesser quality pack of hair. At Amara Sapphire we strive to make sure you are never that girl! Get the look you desire by being informed and getting everything you need the first time.

You’ve decided the virgin hair extensions  you wanted, the desired texture that matches your natural hair texture, and the length of the hair you desire. So now the only thing left is you need to decide how many bundles of hair you need.

Below is a guide to determine how many bundles of our virgin hair extensions you will need to create the look your desire!

virgin hair extensions infographic


Just a little girl advice: Buy bundle deals and SAVE BIG!

How many bundles of hair do you wear to achieve your desired look???  Leave a comment below

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